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StatusSchema Type NameUsed-InDefinition
UpdatedattributeBusinessTransmissionCategory/TransmissionRsThe business line that processed the transaction.
No ChangeattributeDocumentLink/TransmissionRs/Warnings/Warning,

This URI refers to an online description of the error or warning that occurred.
No ChangeattributeEchoID/TransmissionRsIdentifies the unique original Transmission message level identifier.
No ChangeelementError/TransmissionRs/ErrorsContains the error metadata fields.
No ChangeattributeErrorCode/TransmissionRs/Warnings/Warning,

If present, this refers to a table of coded values exchanged between applications to identify errors or warnings.
No ChangeattributeErrorNode/TransmissionRs/Warnings/Warning,

The XPath notation to identify the location of the error/warning present in the instance document referenced by the EchoID attribute.
No ChangeelementErrors/TransmissionRsContainer for each Error item
No ChangeattributeErrorText/TransmissionRs/Warnings/Warning,

Provides a short text description of the error or warning.
No ChangeattributeHasPrivacyData/TransmissionRs/Successes/Success/TradingPartnerExtensions/TradingPartnerExtensionUser data contains Personally Identifying Information (PII). If the attribute is not populated or not present in the XML instance document, then the default value is understood to be '0'.
No ChangeattributeID/TransmissionRs,


An identifier for the record. For a receiving system, this value can be used to reconcile updates to an existing record and qualify new records. For a sending system, this value can be used to reconcile acknowledgements for the submitted records.
No ChangeattributeInputSystem/TransmissionRsIdentifies the sending trading partner.
UpdatedattributeIsProgramData/TransmissionRs/Successes/Success/TradingPartnerExtensionsIndicates whether this record is program data.
No ChangeattributeReferenceIdentifier/TransmissionRs/Successes/SuccessThe reference identifier for the data record.
No ChangeattributeReferenceNumber/TransmissionRs/Successes/SuccessA reference number for a data record.
UpdatedattributeSequenceNumber/TransmissionRsProvides a sequential order of items.
No ChangeattributeSeverityLevel/TransmissionRs/Warnings/Warning,

This value represents the degree of error where the lowest number "1" is the highest degree of error (i.e. a fatal error) and "9" is the lowest degree of error.
No ChangeelementSuccess/TransmissionRs/SuccessesConveys the successful receipt or validation of the inbound Transmission.
No ChangeelementSuccesses/TransmissionRsContainer for each Success item
No ChangeattributeSuccessType/TransmissionRs/Successes/SuccessIndicates whether the successful result of the inbound document was received or was validated. The server relays a successful business-rules validation by the absence of Warning items or Error items.
No ChangeattributeTotalCount/TransmissionRs/Successes/Success/TradingPartnerExtensionsIndicates the total number of items.
UpdatedelementTradingPartnerExtension/TransmissionRs/Successes/Success/TradingPartnerExtensionsA single record of data not currently defined in the schema.
UpdatedelementTradingPartnerExtensions/TransmissionRs/Successes/SuccessContainer for data not currently defined in the schema.
No ChangeelementTransmissionRsUsed to identify an application error by either text, code, or by an online description and also to give the status, tag, and/or identification of the record that may have caused the error.
UpdatedattributeTransmissionTimestamp/TransmissionRsIndicates the date and time of a transmission.
No ChangeelementWarning/TransmissionRs/WarningsContains the warning metadata fields.
No ChangeelementWarnings/TransmissionRsContainer for each Warning item
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