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PIR Standard Reporting Format Document Business Message

Business Message Listing
VoucherDetail [0..1]

Element Information
DefinitionContains referenced summary data.
Content ModelThe <VoucherDetail> element does not contain any further nested children elements.

Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
SummaryDate[0..1] YYYY-MM-DDThe date for the summary record. The date that is represented can vary depending on the value of Summary Type. For example, if the Summary Type value is 'Voucher', then this date would represent the Voucher Date. If the Summary Type value is 'Transfer', then this date would represent the Transfer Date.
SummaryNumber[0..1] String [0, 80]The number of the summary record, for example the deposit ticket number or the debit voucher number.
TotalAmount[0..1]Decimal [20, 2]Indicates the total absolute dollar amount of items.
VoucherFormCode[0..1]215 [Deposit Ticket], 215A [Deposit Ticket used for the IRS], 215B [Deposit Ticket used for Customs], 215C [Computer generated Deposit Ticket], 5515 [Debit Voucher]Identifies the type of voucher record, i.e., 215, 215A, 5515, etc.)

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