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Getting Started with CIR

The Collections Information Repository (CIR, formerly TRS) is the Financial Management Service’s (FMS) collections information repository and is the primary mechanism for collections data reporting for federal agencies. It contains detailed and summarized records of all revenue collections transactions processed by FMS financial systems.

If you require access to CIR, please contact a CIR Security User in your agency to request an account.

If you have a CIR User ID, but have forgotten your password or need a change to your CIR data permissions, your Security User can assist you.

If you do not know who your Security User is or if your agency has not yet enrolled in the CIR, please contact the CIR Call Center at 1-800-346-5465, 301-887-6600, or by email at to obtain the contact information for your CIR Security User.

Once you have logged into CIR:

  • Take the Web-based Training: Log in to CIR and take the Web-based Training, review the various Help and Reference documents, and learn how to use CIR to find the data you need.

  • Use CIR for your daily collections reporting: Use CIR as your primary mechanism for collections reporting. Data from all collections sources is being reported to CIR.

   Last Updated:  September 05, 2014