Surety Bonds

Updated July 02, 2014

Supplements To Circular 570: July 1, 2014 Edition

Published on the Financial Management Service Web site and in the Federal Register.

Suppl. No. Company Name Action Effective Date

Legend (Action):
AMD = Amendment
CERT = Certified and added to the Circular 570
CERT-RE = Certified as a reinsurer on Federal bonds and added to the Circular 570
CORR = Correction
MERG = Merger
NM CHG = Name change
REDOM = Redomestication or change in state of incorporation
STAT CHG = Changed from Certified Reinsurer to Acceptable Surety
SUSP = Suspension from Cir. 570
TERM = Terminated from the Circular 570

   Last Updated:  July 02, 2014