ASAP Customer Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2011 Conference Call  3:00am to 4:00pm

Faye Allen    

Kevin Dunn    

Anita Easterday
Dee Ann Haworth     Linda Holiman    
Sam Moore     James Turner    

ASAP Releases and Updates:

Mainframe Migration

ASAP is moving its database and backend functionality from the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) mainframe environment to the Financial Management Service’s Treasury Web Application Infrastructure. The first release was implemented in July 2011 and included the automation of enrollment for 1031/Letter of Credit (LOC) Recipients.

The 1031/LOC Enrollment process was changed to allow Federal Agencies to enroll Recipient Organizations online. (This process was previously handled manually by the Regional Financial Centers using paper forms). Federal Agencies can now enroll new or modify existing 1031/LOC Recipients in and the restriction on the number of bank accounts defined by a recipient has been removed. ASAP now allows the definition and use of unlimited bank accounts.

Release 9 (Reports and Inquiries)

The conversion of Reports and Inquiries from Actuate to WebFOCUS was completed and implemented in November 2010. All Report and Inquiry formats (i.e., PDF, HTML, and CSV) are now available on the retrieval screens without regenerating a new report/inquiry request.

Releases 10 -14 (Governmentwide Accounting Requirements)

Releases 10 -14 are designated for implementing Governmentwide Accounting (GWA) Treasury Account Symbol/Business Event Type Code (TAS/BETC) requirements. ASAP will be in compliance with the FMS mandate that all applications be ready to collect and report TAS/BETC information for each transaction in November 2012. All agencies will be required to provide TAS/BETC data by November 2014. As stated in the May 2, 2011, Memorandum to all Federal Agencies, the TAS/BETC functionality will be available in ASAP in November 2012. Between November 2012 and September 30, 2014, the use of TAS/BETC functionality will be optional for agencies; however, beginning October 1, 2014, ASAP will require the use of TAS/BETC functionality for all agencies.

PKI Updates

The current version of PKI software will be upgraded to Safenet Version 8 Service Pack 2, which is required for Windows 7 Operating System; however, it is optional for Windows XP. The current version will continue to support Windows XP; however, by the end of 2013, all ASAP users must upgrade to Safenet Version 8.

Certifying Officers (COs) who have their certificates recovered will be automatically upgraded to Safenet Version 8 Service Pack 2. When a CO’s PKI Certificate I-key reaches approximately 2 years and 3 months (i.e. 70 percent) of its use, the CO must be recovered. Also, if a CO exceeds ten attempts to login by using the wrong passphrase, they will be locked out and will have to be recovered.

The link for the latest version can be requested by your Trusted Registration Agent through your servicing RFC.

XML Schema

On May 2, 2011, FMS sent a notification to all ASAP Federal Agencies Certifying Officers and Primary/Secondary contacts referencing the FMS’ plans for complying with the GWA TAS/BETC reporting requirements. The notice also referenced changes being made to both and ASAP’s batch files for GWA compliance. ASAP’s batch files for Accounts, Authorizations, and End of Day Reports are being converted from the existing flat file to an Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. The new XML Schemas were posted online on June 30, 2011, and are available for download at

The ASAP XML schemas can be found under "Business Messages" on the left menu.

  • To access the Account and Authorization schemas, click "Account Services Transmission Message v 1.0"
  • To access the End of Day Report schemas, click "Account Services Report Message v 1.0"
  • The new formats include the TAS/BETC fields for Accounts and End of Day Reports and will be implemented in November 2012.

    Update: The XML schemas will be implemented January 14, 2013. The TAS/BETC fields in the new schemas will remain optional until October 1, 2014.

    Agencies will have the opportunity to test the new XML schemas between October and mid December 2012. FMS will work with agencies to develop a testing schedule.

    Agencies should contact Carol Cole if they are interested in participating as a pilot.

    Other Topics

    Enrollment Issues

    Anita stated that she is receiving an ASAP error message when she defines a new user and when she tries to modify or delete existing users. Both Jessica Cotman from the FRB in Richmond and Debbie Jackson from the Philadelphia Financial Center are aware of the issue and Jessica is working on correcting the problem.

    The issue has not been resolved and has been forwarded to ASAP CBAF Help Desk.

    New ACB Members

    Per James Turner, Audrey McCray from the Bureau of Land Management is interested in becoming an ACB member.

    Next Call

    The ACB Members would like to have a one day face-to-face meeting vs. a conference call to discuss detailed information about the batch files and TAS/BETC requirements. They would like to bring the technical individual(s) that are working on updating the TAS/BETC format. An ACB member suggested meeting with the accounting/technical individuals in the morning and the ACB members in the afternoon.

    The suggested date for the face-to-face meeting was November 3, 2011.

    GAO Audit

    ASAP is currently being audited by GAO to look at dormant accounts in ASAP (i.e. an ASAP account with a positive balance and no payments or authorizations in two years. GAO will be contacting agencies that have dormant accounts.

    Known Issues

    The Agency Comprehensive Account Report and Cash Management Report are timing out because the selection criteria entered is returning to many records. Therefore, users should refine the selection criteria to reduce the amount of data returned in order for the report to be successfully produced. The time out issue for both reports will be corrected in December 2011.

    The “Retrieve Results” was not appearing on the drop down menu for some users. The “Retrieve Results” issue was fixed via patch release the first week of August.

    Open Discussion

    Per Anita, requires that Recipients go through CCR; however, the DUNS are sometimes different from the DUNS listed in ASAP. She also stated that the issue is more prevalent for state entities because many of them are not centralized. Some state agencies have multiple DUNS and some are refusing to use their EIN or DUNS. This is the case with the State of Michigan which is refusing to use their EIN or DUNS in the CCR.

    • Question: When will FMS/ASAP make it a requirement for grantees to go through CCR?

    • Answer: ASAP does not presently have plans to interface with the CCR but we will look at this requirement again after the completion of our mainframe migration.

    Kevin from FNS stated that their grantees have noticed that the DUNS registered in CCR is not always the same as the DUNS used in ASAP for their organization.

    If a Recipient Organization user notices that the DUNS listed in the CCR is different than what is listed in ASAP, they should contact their Federal agency to reconcile the difference. Once the agency is notified, the Federal agency or Recipient can contact their servicing RFC to request a correction in ASAP.

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014