ASAP Customer Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2007 Conference Call  2:00pm to 3:00pm

Dee Ann Hayworth    

Anita Easterday    

Tish Leeth
James Turner     Jennifer Criss    
Sam Moore     Lisa Thompson    
Marie Vargas     Victor Poore    
Carol Cole     Faye Allen    

The minutes from the ASAP Customer Board (ACB) meeting on March 20th in Birmingham, AL, were approved. The minutes will be posted to the FMS web site shortly..

Federal Agency Enrollment
We advised the ACB that Federal Agency (FA) Enrollment was implemented on April 28, 2007. Discussed the process that the Regional Financial Centers (RFCs) will use for managing an agency's enrollment, how the certifying officer enrollment will be handled, and how changes can be made for agency users. The Federal agency ACB members confirmed that they had no concerns with the new functionality.

Release 5.0 - ACH Debit for Returns
The Define (i.e., requirements definition) phase for Release 5.0, ACH Debit for Returns, using Rapid Application Development (RAD) was completed, and all the use cases were finalized in the specified timeframe. We are now moving into the Design phase where the developers determine how they will design the new functionality to meet the requirements. Dee Ann Hayworth indicated that her organization and bank would be willing to participate in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the ACH Debit functionality.

Q: Is the Reason for Return used when initiating an ACH Debit predefined, and if so could we include Audit Disallowance as a reason?
A: The Reason for Return is a predefined drop down list. We will add Audit Disallowance to the list. This field is required for each ACH Debit initiated.

Q: Has the Agency Reconciliation report been fixed?
A: Requested Anita to resend the data outlining the problem to FMS because we did not receive the data initially.

Q: When will PKI be implemented and will TRAs have to be established for ASAP?
A: Currently some technical and environmental issues are being worked out and we will keep everyone informed on the schedule for implementing PKI once we know. ASAP will review the list of existing TRAs and will plan to establish new TRAs when necessary.

Q: Federal agencies are having difficulty using the Recipient Organization (RO) Enrollment Inquiry to see the status of an RO's enrollment. One of the problems reported is that when a DUNS and TIN is entered, a date range is also required and agencies may not know the date the enrollment was initiated.
A: FMS will look at the inquiry and see what it provides and discuss with the agencies what needs to be changed to assist them.

Q: Could a summary of the Alternative Analysis Report be provided to the ACB?
A: We will look into what needs to be done to provide a summary copy to the ACB.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of Federal agency users who can participate on the ACB?
A: No limit exists in the charter.

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