Agency Relationship Managers (ARM)

Cash Management Made Easy Guidebook

The purpose of the Cash Management Made Easy guidebook is to provide a high-level overview of federal government cash management tools. This guide will assist Federal agency cash managers in improving the management of the Government’s finances.

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Table of ContentsPDF file - 184k
Chapter 1 - IntroductionPDF file - 74k
Chapter 2 - Managing CollectionsPDF file -444k
Chapter 3 - Managing PaymentsPDF file - 377k
Chapter 4 - Intra-governmental TransfersPDF file - 81k
Chapter 5 - Tax Collection SystemsPDF file - 122k
Chapter 6 - Credit ManagementPDF file - 26k
Chapter 7 - RatesPDF file - 25k
Appendix A - GlossaryPDF file - 68k
Appendix B - FMS Organizational StructurePDF file - 46k
Appendix C - FMS LocatorPDF file - 20k
Appendix D - RegulationsPDF file - 42k
Appendix E - Summary of Collection & Disbursement MechanismsPDF file - 33k
Appendix F - World Wide Web AddressesPDF file - 27k

Full Copy - Cash Management Made EasyPDF file

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   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014